Our Approach

Rucoil, LLC is a pioneer company in sustainability, which meets the high-tech needs of tomorrow and provides new innovative capabilities to its customers, an exceptional service and an excellent waste management technology. Our long-term objective is the identification and implementation of the best waste program for the collection and recycle process, to create value, advance to the future of the society and provide significant benefits that have not been seen in the history of recycling. Our intellectual property rights are an extraordinary treasure that combines a system based on artificial intelligence, robotics, digital and automatic control for the collection of organic wastes.

Our Story

Recycle Used Cooking Oil from Home, LLC (Rucoil) is a Connecticut-based business, founded by Eddie Oquendo Virella, whose main focus is to develop a unique, innovative patented IP technology platform of automatic kiosks for the collection of recyclable materials of food waste and used oils from home and commercial establishments.

Rucoil provides the best way to collect and sort these wastes to recycle them. This is waste to be recycled and converted to a commodity that can be sold to the organic products industry, the clean energy industry and the oil industry and will increase opportunities for different businesses in the US. This initiative will be accompanied by public awareness campaign to encourage citizens to recycle and to the fact to make efforts to measure innovative activities to focus on the commitment to implement all the environmental regulations to recycle and reuse used cooking oil, greasy food and food waste generated by a large number of homes and businesses.