Our Market

Rucoil, LLC is a new business, whose main focus is to develop and strengthen our innovative product with a special design that is easy to handle, that the consumer can use for the storing and transportation of their organic waste. By implementing our patented IP, and developing the machine to collect food scraps and used cooking oil, Rucoil, LLC will be pioneering a novel program of waste recycling. The collected materials from the machines can be used to create organic oil, create alternative bio-products like biodiesel, bio-energy, ethanol, glycerin, pharmaceutics bio-products, bio-plastics, lubricants and waxes, and for the production of organic compost, for agriculture.

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Our Idea

The idea behind our machines is to provide 100% economic savings, analysis, control of labor, transportation, recycling, sorting, collection, and compaction of waste to be recycled. It will be converted to a commodity that can be sold to different industries, like the industry of organic products, clean energy, plastic, glass, and oil industry. By using our automatic collection machines you will be utilizing your time efficiently and maximize your earnings.


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Our Business

Rucoil, LLC is currently using its experience and talent to position itself in future markets with the appropriate products and services. Its current product and service lines, which include the manufacture and distribution of a new generation of unique, innovative, and modern model equipment for  the commercial and residential automated collection of recyclable materials such as food waste and all kinds of used oils. In addition to this, Rucoil, LLC is developing enhancements as well as creating new products and services to keep its position in the marketplace ever expanding.

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Rucoil, LLC has developed a patented innovative system for the long life of used engine oil, used cooking oil, and food waste. This new technology will help aid the environment at a local and national level, through support programs for the protection of the environment in conjunction with the sustainable practices and solutions for these wastes.

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